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Debt Settlement

It can be quite stressful to try and avoid debt collectors when you cannot afford to make your payments. Our debt settlement program can save a lot of time and energy from having to deal with your creditors. The debt will be dealt with by one of our trained debt specialists so that you can focus on improving your financial future. Once your debt is settled, we can help you improve your credit score.

Credit Dispute Canada

Debt Settlement Process

Let Us Settle Your Debts

And Save Thousands of Dollars,

In Three Easy Steps

Taking advantage of debt settlement in Canada is a smart idea. Month after month, people may struggle to make the minimum monthly payment. This is because they are paying back what they initially borrowed and are also dealing with interest rates on this amount plus things like overcharge and late fees. Settling debt will allow you to reduce your monthly payments and the opportunity to reduce your debt principal, not just your interest rates. Our debt settlement program can typically reduce your total principal by 50 – 80% and get you out of debt.

Once the process is completed, your credit score will increase immediately and you may then apply for new credit facilities.

We can help

Reduce your debts without bankruptcy or consumer proposal!



Apply Online
Step 1. Provide with a list of your unsecured debts
  • You can obtain your Credit Reports directly from Equifax and TransUnion
  • These reports will list all of the debts that are currently outstanding
Step 2. We will negotiate with your creditors and secure a one time lump sum settlement
  • We will provide you with a letter of authorization to be signed allowing us to speak with your creditors on your behalf

  • We will then arrange the lowest possible settlement amount and obtain a letter stating that the creditor has agreed to this amount

Step 3. The settlement is paid and the payment will reflect on your credit report
  • Within 1 – 3 weeks of payment you will receive release letters in the mail stating that your debts have been paid.

Your credit score will increase immediately and you may then apply for new credit facilities.