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These 20 cities and states have the cleanest hotel rooms in the country

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Are you the type of traveler who sleeps on top of hotel bedspreads? Or worries about bringing home stowaway bedbugs from vacation? Do you find dingy hallways depressing?

In that case, you may want to check out — and into — hotels in these 20 hyper-hygienic U.S. destinations, as determined by AAA’s Best of Housekeeping awards.

The 117-year-old automotive, travel, insurance and financial services federation inspects and approves 27,000 hotels and resorts across North America using its ratings system of one to five diamonds to advise its 59 million members on property upkeep.

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The 10 U.S. cities and 10 U.S. states in AAA’s new housekeeping ranking are home to the greatest number of tidy inns, hotels, motels and resorts in the nation.

Award winners must demonstrate excellence in two consecutive on-site inspections and be free of complaints from AAA member guests to qualify. Inspectors review properties for evidence of dirt, dust, pests, equipment performance and more.

Cleanliness and physical condition are cited as the most important factors when AAA members book hotels, according to Michael Petrone, director of AAA Inspections & Diamond Ratings.

“The vast majority of AAA Inspected & Approved hotels fall in the midscale, three Diamond range, so those that earn the Inspector’s Best Of Housekeeping badge are a step above in a way that matters to today’s discerning traveler,” he said in a statement.

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“In addition to passing AAA’s rigorous on-site inspection, the properties that have received the Inspector’s Best Of Housekeeping award have demonstrated a tremendous commitment to keeping their property in top condition — whether that be a small inn or bed-and-breakfast, a sprawling resort or a skyscraping city hotel — at all times for our members and their guests,” said Petrone.

Here are the top states, ranked by number of Housekeeping Award-winning properties as of July 19:


  1. California (982 properties)
  2. Florida (485)
  3. Texas (468)
  4. North Carolina (458)
  5. New York (406)
  6. Virginia (328)
  7. Pennsylvania (281)
  8. Tennessee (268)
  9. Maryland (238)
  10. Massachusetts (215)

Rooftop pool at a hotel in New York, the U.S. city with the greatest number of AAA Best of Housekeeping awards.

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And the top cities ….


  1. New York (161 properties)
  2. Houston (90)
  3. Washington, D.C. (78)
  4. Orlando, Florida (69)
  5. Charlotte, North Carolina (68)
  6. Austin, Texas (63)
  7. Nashville, Tennessee (61)
  8. San Diego (60)
  9. Anaheim, California (50)
  10. San Antonio (49)

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