On Canada Day, Manitobans were supposed to be celebrating a cut in the PST Monday after the provincial government officially reduced it to 7 per cent from 8 per cent.

Depending on where you go, you may not be seeing that difference on your receipt.

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After Global News followed up on tips from viewers about some stores still charging 8 percent, it appears some businesses didn’t get the memo provided by the provincial government six months ago.

Wyatt Delbridge was shocked to see he was still being charged 8 per cent PST when he bought his pizza at Pizza Pizza on Monday.

Wyatt Delbridge, a Pizza Pizza customer unhappy with being overcharged.

Randall Paull / Global News

“Are they just going to pocket this money now? It doesn’t make any sense to me,” said Delbridge.

The Marriott Hotel near the airport is still charging 8 per cent as well.

An employee said their system will be fixed to accommodate the new PST rate sometime next week, but in the meantime, they are refunding the difference to customers who catch the mistake.

The Marriott hotel located at 780 Powerhouse Road near the Winnipeg International Airport.

Randall Paull / Global News

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When Delbridge tried to get Pizza Pizza to refund him the difference, he wasn’t as lucky.

“I showed them the summary of the provincial budget and the calculations that they need to do and I showed it to them and they said they couldn’t do it and only the people in Toronto can deal with that kind of stuff,” he explained.

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The provincial government says anyone who is still being charged 8 per cent should contact Manitoba Finance.

“Manitoba Finance will contact the retailer to ensure they are complying with the new lower PST rate of 7 per cent,” said a spokesperson for the provincial government in an email to Global News.

A Pizza Pizza receipt showing an 8 per cent PST charge instead of 7.

Randall Paull / Global News

After an inquiry from Global News directed to communications staff at Pizza Pizza, the company has confirmed the problem has been fixed as of Tuesday afternoon.

“We have worked quickly to rectify the error and as of today, all restaurants will be charging the correct PST amount of 7 per cent,” said a company spokesperson.

Todd Mackay of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation says the onus is on the government to enforce a PST cut or increase.

“Ultimately, it does come down to government as they need to keep an eye on this. They need to make sure the taxes being charged to consumers are the right rates,” he said.

Anyone who is being overcharged on the new PST rate is being asked to request a refund at the point of purchase.

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