Money is still one of the major reasons couples fight and break up. But now it seems it may also be the reason many potential romantic connections never even happen.

According the results of a survey by website, respondents say certain kinds of debt in their significant other would be a relationship deal breaker.

The study revealed that 68 per cent of Canadian adults would reconsider a relationship based on a person’s financial debt.

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The website, dedicated to helping consumers make better decisions about money, found your level of ‘indatebility’ depends on the type of debt you have.

For example, payday loans are viewed as the least acceptable form of debt in a love interest. Fifty-eight per cent of respondents said they would break up with someone carrying payday loans.

Next, credit card and debts to family and friends are also big romantic no-nos. Forty-three per cent consider credit card and loans to family unacceptable in a romantic partner.

But there is some debt that is more forgivable in your sweetie. Most responded that the following would not be reasons to end a relationship.

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Only 8.3 per cent would break up over loans from mortgages.

A smaller number, 7.2 per cent found debt from medical treatment a no-go for a romantic partner and a tiny fraction, only 6.6 per cent said they would end a relationship with someone who borrowed money borrowed to start a business.

If you find your debt is making you “undateble,” it might be time to commit to getting it finally paid down.

Start by keeping a spending journal. Write down everything you buy for the next three months. This exercise will help you pinpoint where you’re spending too much and how you can be more efficient.

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If you’re currently in a serious relationship and you haven’t disclosed your debt situation. The time to come clean is now.

Even if you’re worried about it making you “undateble,” it’s better you let them know and hopefully come up with a solution together, because ultimately your finances will affect your partner’s.

As unromantic as it sounds, talking about money is key to a relationship’s success.

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