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Here are the most in-demand jobs for 2019

By January 24, 2019 No Comments

With an ever-aging U.S. population and advances in medical care, health-care professions top the list of in-demand jobs for 2019, according to a new report from jobs site CareerCast.

The salaries for those positions depends largely on the education needed for a particular spot. For instance, the job with the most anticipated growth — home health aide/personal aide — also has the lowest pay among the jobs in the report and typically requires no formal education beyond a high school diploma.

On the other hand, health care is generally a recession-proof industry, which can mean job security if the economy starts sliding.

The U.S. unemployment rate is below 4 percent, leaving many employers struggling to fill positions. In fact, last year there were more openings than there were people looking for jobs.

If you start thinking about pursuing one of these in-demand positions, you might want to also look into whether the employer has similar openings it’s having a hard time filling. If so, you could consider asking for higher pay or more in benefits.

“It’s more of a job seekers’ market now,” said Kyle Kensing, online content editor at CareerCast. “If you’re looking for a job, you might have a bit more leverage than you did, say, six years ago.”

Below are the top seven jobs with the most anticipated growth over the next five years, listed from highest to lowest salary.

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